Sunday, June 7, 2009

The 300th Page Blues

You might have noticed the lack of posts. Well, I’ve been floundering. Have suddenly discovered what a little whimp one of my main characters is. He just floats along like a bit of dandelion fluff. I also realize I have about 4 subplots that have just sort of wandered off and been left to float in the wind. This happens every time I get to the neighborhood of 300 pages. I don’t know what to do: go back and do some fixing, because I never know where things are going until I write them, so therefore, I don’t know how to go forward. Or, do I leave well enough alone, trusting that whatever I write in the future will not affect or will be easily blended into the past?

So I have been silent on the writing front since Thursday. Not that I haven’t attempted to write, but most of it has been staring at pages, or cutting up paragraphs or pages and moving them to alternate files, thinking, I will insert something here, then realizing how fruitless that is. So I sit there, and read things about writer’s block, knowing that’s not what I really have. What I have is the fear. The fear of farking it up. So tonight, I just sat and wrote the one storyline that I knew how to proceed on. I got 5 pages. Somebody give me a big fat hug and a kiss.

I guess the good news is that there is no problem ramping up the angst on the whimpy mc. I mean, he’s a teenager in a fantastical situation, with a female authority figure leading him around by the nose. (And, though I love her, she’s a bit of a bitch, and that’s being nice about it.) His mother is a mush-headed drug addict. Gee, I wonder what the conflict should be...


  1. Ah, the writing uncertainties.

    Is this a first draft? If so, then maybe it's a good idea to continue on. The problems you're having now might be easier to fix once you begin rewriting. A finished draft will also help you in terms of complete character development and setting. Remember, first drafts don't need to be perfectly plotted. That's what rewriting is for :)

  2. I'll mirror what isaacespriu said: 'first drafts don't need to be perfectly plotted.'

    In fact nothing in a first draft needs to be perfect. It just needs to be finished.

    Don't worry too much about the rogue sub-plots, as long as you're main plots tie up how you want them. You cn unravel everything and tie up those loose sub-plots in a rewrite.

    Important thing is keep yer spirits up and keep writing.

    -Fat hug and a kiss-


  3. Ahhh... my wise followers. I thank you both, and of course, you are right. I am indeed continuing onward... fat hug and kiss in hand...

  4. *hugs*

    What everyone else said. :)


  5. Keep going. Worry about subplots and whatnot in the edit. :-)

    *Big hug and a kiss for my seldom seen (my bad) stalker.*


  6. LOL, I suppose I'm a copy cat; I'd echo the same sentiments as the other comments.

    Perhaps though I should take my own advice and stop being a whimp about my one WiP.

    BTW, I love your blog--I found it through your signature on the AW boards.

  7. Thanks, everybody for your kind comments! And Dara- awesome, that was part of my evil plan to draw people here - consider yourself one of the initiated!

    hugs back at all of ya! ('specially my stalker, I wouldn't want to ignore an opportunity to single him out... it's the whole point of stalking!)