Thursday, June 4, 2009

58 More Days

I am moving closer to my goal! I got around 8 pages done tonight. I know that is small beans to some people I know (who shall remain sparkly, or living in Japan and nameless, you know who you are) but it was a pleasant evening in Fahr Calladahn for me. I will take all of those I can get.

It still feels like I’m stumbling around in the dark. I’ve got too many people in a scene. I need to remember, what is so and so doing? And I am trying to follow my own advice. Noun, verb. Noun, verb. Don’t say “so and so saw the wave approach” - no. The Wave Approached! The wave roared! The wave slammed down on the beach. Stop thinking about the rewrite. I always think the rewrite is going to be impossible, and four or five months later, I am shocked and amazed that I see how all that glunk I spewed out can be formed into something resembling a stew, something edible. It’s funny how, in the cold light of day, the stuff you worried about doesn’t matter, and you see missing shingles and warped boards that need replacing. But before I can make stew, or repairs on the house of my story, or whatever other metaphor I can dredge out of my tired, sleep deprived brain, I have to do all the chopping and erect the framework. I am getting there!

If all goes as planned, 58 more days till The Truthsayers Plot is complete.


  1. Sounds like you've built up good momentum, keep it up!

    It's taking me forever to edit a 10k short, so I'm dreading having to edit a 100k+ novel. Still I have to write the thing first!

    You're right though, when you're writing that first draft it always feels like you're using a hammer to make stew and beef and onions to build a house. :D

  2. Go go go go go go!

    Also, write!!!

    *Big squishy hugs.*

  3. Sparkly people who rite moar wurdz? Whoever could you mean?!


  4. Why.... I mean the indefatigable Scarlett, of course.

    damn you newadventures... you said exactly what I meant that I didn't say cuz I didn't form the words right. Damnit...

    Adam! Squishy back!

  5. Wow! eight pages in a day! Your productivity amazes me. I'm having a good day if I can get one written.

    Way to go!


  6. Yaaay you're getting closer! Wish I could have your discipline, but Anara, Vynen and Rophen travel at the speed my muse dictates, and I don't dare to whip them to go faster. They could rebel.

  7. Eight pages in a day? NICE! It's more than I've done this week. Keep going, you're doing great!

  8. Thanks, guys. Back when I did my first novel, I usually got 8-10 pages a day. Of course, that novel sucked. And it got to be too much, as I've said, way back in my first post. I now have 4 as my daily goal, with 8 on the weekends or days off. I'm going to take 4 days at the end of the month to go see my sis, I am afraid of what will happen... I don't want to fall off and get lazy again.

    Guess we'll see! Thank you all for your support.

  9. What I'd do is take a notepad and force yourself to make notes for an hour a day (or however long you can get to yourself).


  10. Oh my gosh, I was thinking along those same lines! They go to bed with the sun up there, so I will have the evenings (I mean... "nighttime") to scribble a bit. Sigh.

    I am trying to hold back the urge to print out the novel and bring it for her to read... don't think I am ready to go there.