Friday, June 12, 2009


I’ve noticed something. My characters pace the floor deep in the night. Often. Sleep and sleeplessness have become a part of the theme. Trouble sleeping has become a sign when diviners or sybils are going to prophesy. Dreams can be a guide, or a physical conduit for conversation. Regular humans don’t sleep deeply enough to have what are called “the living dreams.” There is even a veil to the edge of sleep, which the Dragongar can grab ahold of and pull over themselves. They can go toward the field of traveling orbs that are dreams, or withdraw and fall into restful, dreamless slumber, knowing their dragon can come under the veil and get them if needed.

Guess who’s an insomniac? 

Dunh dunh dunnnnn


  1. I find if I write at night I get hyped and can't get straight to sleep. The gallon of coffee doesn't help I guess.

  2. Such is the way of the writer. :-)

    I'm a laid back overly sarcastic sod. Guess how most of my MCs turn out.

    Dunh dunh dunnnnn


  3. Sleeplessness for mine are a sign of internal conflict. That or they're just night owls.

    I can sleep, but I get bad dreams.

  4. Lee, again, you and I are as one. coffee fuels the beast.

    Adam... kisses and huggles. I can always count on you.

    spam - you and me both! For reals!

  5. *hugs*

    I hope you can get this sorted out soon. I know that it is troubling you.

    I have trouble sleeping and have nightmares, so I can relate.



  6. I do some of my best writing after 1 a.m. Unfortunately, I have to be up at 7 a.m. now, so no more late nights for me!

    When I worked in a cube farm, my favorite shift was the midnight shift - staying up all night and watching the sunrise, then going to bed and sleeping during the day. Ah, those were the days!

  7. Thanks, Diana. I am almost to the point of considering some form of {gahk) medicine *shiver* but I will hold out on that like in all other medicinal/doctoral things: wait until I am a hair's shadow from death.

    CR Ward - I envy your cube farm story. Alas, we do not sell plumbing parts deep in the night...