Sunday, June 21, 2009

Ask The Characters What They Want to Do

Today’s writing was in short, totally awesome. Ten pages, and I didn’t pull anything or make any sacrifices to any Gods, real or imagined. It felt like the good ol’ days, back when I was doing the first book. It’s like I stopped positioning characters and just stood back, turned off the thinking part of the brain (that does nothing for me except spin and throw me off) and the story just played itself out. Threads of plots are coming together, stuff is coming to light. The end is coming, and it is going to be a BANG.

I’ve also been waffling about a certain scene with a certain pair of characters. I went to a lovely writer of romance I have become buddies with for advice (Nancy, AKA, wannawrite). She gave me lots to think about, and chief among them was: see what the characters want to do. Then I remembered, they had to do it for the plot. Damn plot. Well, you know what happens then. When plot gets in the way, the characters balk. Apparently, throw sex at them and they get all agreeable. It’s possible my recent rubbing up against sparklepeaches on AW is rubbing off, because I wrote my first real sex scene. I had imagined it would be nothing but the before and after, but well, I just got in there with them. Now this is fantasy, and you can’t be graphic. Your euphemisms must be beyond euphemistic, in other words, throbbing and swelling aren't allowed. And it is integral to the story, I will jump up and down and proclaim that from the mountain tops. Without the information gained through this scene, things don’t add up.

Coming near to the end of book II, and a breakthrough. And I’m spent....


  1. I love breakthroughs! And a sex scene! Haha I wanna read it...

    So I was thinking about just posting chappie one up for teaser tuesday, but did you want me to send it to you earlier? Did you also want feedback on your chapter one? I'm totally willing to do that.

  2. Woo Hoo!

    Ten pages!

    And you're back in the groove!


  3. Whatever you wanna do is fine with me Sarah! and I know the fate of my chapter one... it needs a major overhaul, with less attempts at me trying to sound "cool". But I will hit you up on that when I do the rewrite!

    And Diana! Thank youu!!!!

  4. So proud of you, kiddo. Can't wait to read it! I just love it when the characters take over and you get on a roll. It's the best kind of writing.

    Good job!


  5. Woo!

    You go girl!!!

    *Big squishy overly long hugs.*

    Your stalkee,

  6. Thanks nance!

    Rubs gratuitously against Adam! Finally!

  7. Good job bettielee! Wish I was that productive . . . Oh, well. You've given me something to aim for now.

    And sex gets easier to write about with practice. Oops! Did I say the think part?