Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My Desk, My Flair

I have little to report on the writing front. I am doing it, but I am tired of complaining about what a wrench it is. I mean, every other day it’s a wrench, and every other day I think I am Ann Frickin’ McCaffrey. So, today I am going to talk about my desk, or rather, the environment around my desk. Because I love my desk, everyday!


Now, this is the new and improved desk layout. I had a great big card table that was a little wobbly. It required a cutting board so the ol’ Mac wouldn’t tumble over if I sat down too enthusiastically (yes, that’s what I said.) 

One thing you will notice is the flair. I am a flair person. I’ve got to have stimulating pictures, trinkets, pretty things all around me. No doubt you have noticed the abundance of fairies (including Mariposa Barbie) Well, they are the statues I mentioned in the very first post about my muse. She can inhabit one or the other of these, and we can have a conversation... or I can have a conversation as she looks on disapprovingly. 

Along with the fairies are several dragons. Now, I guess this is obvious, as I like dragons, and my WIP is about dragons. I find the pictures (or figures) inspire me. I came up with idea of the tiny little dragon from one of Selina Fenech’s paintings of a beautiful red fairy with a small dragon on her shoulder. It also helps with references and size. My dragons are huge. I look at a picture and imagine that serpentine tail wrapping itself around the dragon’s body, the texture of the scales and the way they rub together, the way it hugs the legs, or flexes and tightens in anger or coils and bounces in the air when amused. I imagine the huge papery wings and the sound they would make, the air they would  displace when flapped, the way the sun would shine through them on a bright day. There are all different wing angles, and in my story, the dragon’s wing positions and body posture are forms of communication. That idea came about from looking at one of Ciruelo Cabral’s paintings of two dragons facing off.

 I'm terrible at forming faces in my mind’s eye, but I look at pictures of faces and I can talk about the slope of a cheek, the plump bit at the end of the nose, or the way chins are soft and round or pointy and delicate, or nonexistent. The way hair flows or catches light. 

Lastly, architecture. I love old buildings, and ancient cathedrals are a wealth of reference. I have stolen the faces of many famous buildings for inspiration, and also demolished them and put them back together to make new ones. I have no fewer than fifteen wallpapers of Neuschwanstein castle. I find the place absolutely magic.

Sometimes, living in my head gets a little stagnant, and going outside of it and into another artist's is pure inspiration. I like to keep these things close to my desk, things for my eye to play with and keep the internal eye from falling asleep!


  1. *hugs* Bettielee. If every other day is a wrench to work on your WIP, why not write every other day and do something else like research or edit an older work every other day. Maybe your brain just needs a break every other day. :)


  2. Oh my gosh, I love the flair! The flair!

    I totally know what you mean. Sometimes I like to go into my favorite manga artists' heads. or my favorite bloggers. BWAHAHAHA

  3. Sooo much flair...Bettie, you're a crazy lady.

    And I love you for it. :-)

    *Big hugs*


  4. Your desk space is awesome! I think mine is stagnant...I need to actually decorate my space to inspire me. Right now my desk is a pile of randomness.

  5. Thank you all for your posts. Yes, Yes I am strange.

    I think the every other day thing is because I still haven't gotten back in to the groove of things. If I only write every other day, it will become every other every day then soon, I'll be down to once a week. It's barely been 3 weeks that I've been back at pounding away and I've missed 6 days. That's a whole week. And I feel all this time burning through my fingers. when I look at when this could have been done, if I had only forced myself to write, it kills me. I've been at work on the Dragonfael for a year and a half and have only a book and a half to show for it. I have the grand secret plan of getting it ALL finished this year - at least first drafties.

    No more wasting time.... wow. Did I go off there or what?

  6. Wow. I wish my desk looked as cool as yours!

  7. Hi Bettielee, I followed you over here from a post you made on Isaac Espriu’s blog. Does this make me a stalker?

    I love your desk!

    I collect fairies and dragons too, although the dragons far out number the fairies (but then I’ve been collecting dragons a lot longer).

    I haven’t written about a dragon yet, but I do have a story percolating about a fairy . . .

    I know exactly how you feel when it comes to time burning through the fingers. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Even slow and steady can win the race. At least you’re still writing, even if it isn’t as much as you hoped.

  8. Thank you Sarah!

    CR Ward, yes. You are now a stalker. Please collect your handbook and fill out the forms in the back. Remember, always use protection! Some people don't like being stalked. (don't know why)

    and you will be the THIRD person I know thinking about writing a fairy story. And I'm not. Why is that?

    Welcome, and thank you all for your comments.

    There are danish and hot chocolate in the lounge. Near the big dangerous tree. Watch out.

  9. I have an autographed picture of Kari Byron from Mythbusters, a Father's Day pic with my son and myself, a clay mask my son and I made, and a picture of Eddie (Iron Maiden's skinless mascot) formed out of storm clouds over my desk. My "office" is in the living room, as the apartment leaves no room anywhere else, so I don't want to put up all the things I would if it were a seperate room. (Main interest being horror/thriller stories and movies.)

    I stalk you, but am not thinking about writing about fairies. Or faeries.;)

  10. I know the frustration of apt living, as I live in a studio. And not a rich person's studio I mean a studio apt.

    And you are trying with the flair - I commend you! And by the by, Kari is my favorite!

  11. Bettilee....I found your pink marasupial Barbie! I am so proud of myself, right now. And your blog is pretty. Just the perfect thing for a fairy. LOL


  12. What a way to start a day! Get up, sit down at your desk, stare at all your pictures, and just start writing.
    Me likey.

  13. aaahh... Leah Michelle... a new follower... Thank you!

  14. Gawd, that's a beautiful writing space you have!!!

    I'm another AW visitor... Impressed with your writing output :) I look forward to a time when I can say things like "Every time I hit 300 pages, I [insert anything at all, practically]" What a dream. :) Brilliant.

    Good luck with everything :) You can totally do it. (Anyone who can say "every time I hit 300 pages" can do anything. This is, like, an immutable law of nature. Seriously.

    ~ Ruth

  15. *peeks in* I want want WANT all those pictures. ;-) I used to have a ton of artwork up, but most of it came down when I redid my space.

    The purple-winged critter is a Barbie? Wow.