Friday, April 26, 2013


Yeah. This week hasn't been so awesome, productivity wise. I am most bummed about my reading slowing down to hardly anything. :( And I need to beta something for someone, too.

I've only edited 13,300 so far this week. Only two days of editing - it is now Friday at 11:20 PM.... I am at least getting in a second blog post...

The only thing I have going for me is that the edit is going super dooper!! I am the worst editor. First off, I spend years before I actually get back to something and edit it. I am great at writing novels and finishing the first draft, just rubbish at actually going back to them. I can never get something readable in one pass. It takes pass after pass after pass of edits before I get anywhere near what I think of as readable. It's so depressing to open something you've edited five times and thought was ok, only to start reading it again and it's shite. Completely unreadable.

So that is what holds me back. The hatred of facing my inadequacy.

This particular book I'm editing has already had a beta round, but just two betas. I wasn't sure it was ready yet, I think I sent it off with a thousand paragraphs of "I hope I'm not wasting your time" - but I got good reviews back.... that said "with some work, this will be really good" - well, they were nicer than that, but it obviously had some problems. It's a relief that everything is falling into place this time.

It only took about 12 drafts.

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