Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Today is the 2nd day

I feel writer kitteh's pain.... but alas, my story is done. It is the prose and not the characters I have issues with.

Today is day 2 of my week-long editing project. I hate that I love this story so much...and hate every word at the same time. It's old. It's years and years old and I've read it so many times that no longer how long I let it rest, after I read it through one time, the next time I go to start on edits, it's like I just set it down. I know every word. And I'm trying to find the forest through the trees.... the paths amongst the leaf litter, and throw out what's old growth.

But at least it's getting edited. I edited another 7000 words tonight. I started waaaay too late. But of course, today wasn't such a great day was it?

It seems like every day you go online (I have no tv) and read about another shooting rampage. But today was the Boston Marathon, and bombs went off. Last I heard, three people died and many were injured. 20 more people were killed by suicide bombers in Iraq. I think mass shootings have become America's suicide bombs.... after all, don't the shooters often turn the guns on themselves? And isn't it all terrorism? Aren't the victims just as dead no matter what you call it?

Well, I have veered off course, and I don't mean to "be political." That is what people call it, sometimes, when you talk about things. There are already people on Twitter blaming Muslims. (At this point, I don't know if there are any suspects - but someone was calling for roundups just a few minutes after the announcement.) It's a terrifying time in the world right now. 

I hope you and yours are safe tonight. Let's all try and lumber on....


  1. Yes, they're all acts of terror - I agree.

    I'm from the Boston area and just sickened by all of this. Also, I hate seeing the wild speculation, but I guess everyone wants somebody to blame. :/

    Today I'm going to enjoy my children, my writing and editing, and feel grateful that none of my family or friends were hurt yesterday.

    1. Here, here, my friend. I am so sorry about this....