Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I could never get the hang of Tuesdays

After a glorious week of editing, I kept my new resolve for only one day, and then came Tuesday. I hate Tuesday. I can never get the hang of Tuesdays. I guarantee you, if the Vogons show up to destroy the planet, it will be on a Tuesday. The work day is probably the worst. It’s not Monday, which though a difficult day to get out of bed on, it is vastly different from Saturday and Sunday and so it goes a little faster. Monday actually has something going for it. Unlike Tuesday.
Let me back up. I finished my edit of a fantasy Uny-corn story on Sunday. I fretted and futtered on Monday, not sure what to work on next. The options are: a fantasy-sci-fi mash-up in a dreadful state that’s probably unpublishable, a gothic romance I really love that needs a serious fix and an urban fantasy that’s not in too bad of shape. I decided to go back to the urban fantasy I think has some legs. I even went to the extreme of asking those on Twitter and Facebook to send up prayers and offerings to the Elder Gods that I don’t screw it up.

I went home Monday night and attacked it gamely… I edited the first chapter to within an inch of its life and lo! I was pleased with what I had done. I think it’s probably the best first chapter of anything I’ve ever written. As with most writers, I have a hell of a time with first chapters. But then Tuesday came along and I spent all night napping and watching plane stuff on Youtube. Please don’t ask. It’s a thing. I also got a really bad steam burn on my thumb while warming up some chili.
I had planned to blog on Tuesday, to rave over my fabulous doings of the first chapter… but alas, the napping and the Youtubing. Tuesday. You wretched day. Tonight was supposed to be for blogging on the book blog, but Tuesday even brought the end to the current book I was reading, and I decided I didn’t really like it. I don’t want to review books I don’t like on my book blog. Now my blog schedule is all screwy.
Damn you to hell, Tuesday.

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