Saturday, April 20, 2013

Today is the 6th Day

And so do I! We have both risen from the ashes! Er... the shame of not editing yesterday, in my case. I have tried to edit and blog every day for a week. I edited 5 of the last 6, and blogged every day so far, admitting my defeat of Thursday. To make up for it, I got 10k edited today, as opposed to the 7k or so I've been doing.

Yay, me.

I'm also listening to Kiss. Thank goodness for Grooveshark. And Satan for iTunes. I have this thing about owning music. It's amazing to have the online music that you just dial up and listen to for frees. I love free stuff. But there is also that moment in the car, when you just really wanna listen to your jams, you know? I hate the internet  at that moment, because it's not available to me everywhere. And thus the purchasing of music I know I can't live without.

I'm still trying to summon my courage, to see if I dare top off this week of editing and blogging madness by inflicting some of my prose upon ya'll. But I never think anything is edited well enough for the populace at large, thus the year and a half of editing of four novels and not subbing any.

Sometimes, we shoot our own selves in the foot, do we not?

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